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Alexandria Stands With Government Unions, Not Workers

In mid-April, the City of Alexandria passed an ordinance allowing government unions to bargain with the city. Unfortunately, many of the ordinance’s provisions are lopsided: the ordinance grants special advantages for government unions to easily organize public employees and traps … Continue reading

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Public Sector Collective Bargaining Could Impose Massive New Costs

Instead of compensation increases for public employees, taxpayer relief or COVID safety, Virginia local governments are estimating six- and seven-figure costs just to implement the process of collective bargaining. While local governments in Virginia debate whether to allow public sector … Continue reading

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Alexandria City Staff Urges Restraint on Government Union Negotiations

Without clear guardrails, city officials are warning wide-open bargaining with government unions would hurt city government’s ability to respond to emergencies while costing taxpayers up to $1 million a year in additional administrative costs. Alexandria’s city attorneys are sounding alarm … Continue reading

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Richard Florida’s Case for Devolution

For several decades, some policy analysts on the center/right have advocated a more-robust 21st century version of federalism, under which there would be something of a return to the founding fathers’ vision in which the federal government focused on a … Continue reading

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How to Build Strong, Resilient Cities and Towns

Cities and counties across the United States are experiencing chronic fiscal stress, and the reason has nothing to do with Republicans or Democrats and everything to do with what Chuck Marohn calls the “growth Ponzi scheme.” “Why are cities going … Continue reading

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