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Collective bargaining would give parents less control over Virginia schools

Allowing collective bargaining will put yet another special interest ahead of the parents who simply want a say in what is best for their children. Virginia parents soon could lose even more control over their children’s education. Parents frustrated with school curriculum and other education issues throughout the state have earned national … Continue reading

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Election Law Transformation Continues Apace

As I’ve explained too many times to people who won’t believe it, President Joe Biden won Nov. 3. While there remains no evidence of widespread fraud or error, election law changes achieved by Democrats in key states were a major … Continue reading

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Scrap Electoral College? Open a Legal Pandora’s Box

When Texas went to the United States Supreme Court last month complaining about the election processes in four other states, the case was dismissed on the issue of standing.  The Court correctly replied Texas had no right to complain about … Continue reading

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Don’t Let the Left “Steal” the General Assembly

Would you like to keep Virginia from drawing legislative districts skewed in favor of the Democrats — that is, prevent liberal gerrymandering? One way to fight such gerrymandering is to apply to be a citizen member of the Virginia Redistricting … Continue reading

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President-Elect Biden Loads Up on Lawyers

President-Elect Joe Biden has announced his EPA review team, many of whom are lawyers from some of the nation’s largest legal firms. Agriculture is in for an interesting ride. Patrice Lumumba Simms is designated as the team leader to review … Continue reading

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