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Wartime Governor

If Donald Trump is a “wartime president”, Ralph Northam is now a “wartime governor.” Unless one has been isolated on a Pacific isle (or wears tinfoil hats to block evil radio waves), Virginians understand that the pandemic we are in … Continue reading

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Virginia’s Vengeful Politicians

Terry McAuliffe is a terrific politician. If you’ve met the former Virginia governor you know what I mean. He’s smooth. He oozes charm. Like many skilled politicians, underneath that affable exterior lurks a ruthless operator with an elephantine memory. Just … Continue reading

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Political polls, like economic forecasts, can vary greatly depending on assumptions

Predicting economic growth and the outcome of elections have something in common: Both rely on assumptions. We economists make assumptions about when and by how much the Federal Reserve will increase interest rates or whether the coronavirus will lead to … Continue reading

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Will Virginia’s Presidential Vote be Cast by New York and California?

Will Virginia’s new Democratic majority in the General Assembly help kill the Electoral College? Millions who slept through government class were stunned to learn in 2016 that the popular vote doesn’t pick a president. It had also happened in 2000, … Continue reading

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Demography is Destiny

“Demography is Destiny.” It was a phrase first popularized in the 1970 bestselling book The Real Majority by Democrats Richard Scammon and Ben Wattenberg in which they argued that the Democratic Party was veering leftward (particularly on social issues and … Continue reading

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