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Vincent Vernuccio is a visiting fellow at the Thomas Jefferson Institute, a senior fellow at Virginia Works, and a senior labor policy adviser for Workers for Opportunity.  He may be reached at

Securing Workplace Freedom and Rights: Ideas for the New General Assembly

In 2020 the Virginia Assembly changed a decades-old law and allowed local governments to collectively bargain with most public employees. The law went into effect on May 1, 2021 and gives “a county, city, or town… [which includes] any local … Continue reading

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Election Shows Why Caution Necessary on Local Collective Bargaining

Virginia’s new collective bargaining law is forcing local government officials to deal with a controversial issue fraught with potential errors and legal risks. If the 2021 election showed anything, it was that Virginia voters felt the Commonwealth was going in … Continue reading

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Collective bargaining would give parents less control over Virginia schools

Allowing collective bargaining will put yet another special interest ahead of the parents who simply want a say in what is best for their children. Virginia parents soon could lose even more control over their children’s education. Parents frustrated with school curriculum and other education issues throughout the state have earned national … Continue reading

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Union Executives Have More Sway than Employees or Voters

Local government leaders are negotiating with union executives who have not been officially recognized by public employees they claim to represent. Counties in northern Virginia are taking steps to allow public sector collective bargaining. But they are doing it with … Continue reading

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The PRO Act would take away Choice from Virginia’s Workers

A bill under active consideration in Congress would allow unions to get Virginia workers fired for not paying union fees. The Protecting the Right to Organize Act, among many other things would end right-to-work laws in Virginia and in 26 other states. Continue reading

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