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Could the Loudoun Drowning Tragedy Have Been Avoided?

A decade ago, I wrote a column in this space regarding a quality assurance process for professional architecture, engineering, surveying, mapping and related services codified in Federal law, and most state laws, including Virginia. The “Brooks Act”, the Federal law … Continue reading

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The Disaster Called the Virginia Clean Economy Act

The Virginia Clean Economy Act (VCEA), passed in April by the Virginia Assembly and signed into law by Governor Ralph Northam, provides both the legal framework for electric energy production in the Commonwealth for the forseeable future, and also prescribes … Continue reading

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The Gory Details of Levar Stoney’s Statue Contract

When Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney needed help taking down the city’s Confederate statues, he turned to Devon Henry, a prominent local construction contractor who had donated $4,000 to his 2016 mayoral campaign and political action committee. No local crane & … Continue reading

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Time to Fix a Broken System

Do you trust politicians to do what’s right? If you’re like the vast majority of Virginia voters, the answer is likely a resigned ‘no.’ Democrats and Republicans spend so much time fighting each other to score points that they seldom … Continue reading

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Time to Take the Lead on Education Reform

To say our country is experiencing difficult times is an understatement: COVID 19, protests, riots, death, and destruction. Are we in trying times or what? However, with any disruption to a routine, there’s opportunity. I believe this is an opportunity … Continue reading

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