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Stephen D. Haner is Senior Fellow for State and Local Tax Policy at the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy. He may be reached at

Confirmed: Virginia Economy Lags National Growth

It’s official now:  Even the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission (JLARC)  has documented and highlighted how poorly Virginia’s economy is performing, how far our state is lagging national growth averages. The admission comes in the most recent summary on state spending … Continue reading

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The State Tax Gravy Train Accelerates

Any claim that Virginia cannot reduce taxes on its citizens without damaging state programs has been further eroded by two recent announcements. The explosion of revenue from recent state tax increases is continuing, pointing to a potential repeat of last year’s … Continue reading

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Virginia’s Anemic Growth Has Policy Roots In Richmond and Washington

Here’s the evidence why Ralph Northam is wrong when he says Virginia’s economy is great. It’s not. Continue reading

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Yes Terry, Tax Hikes Grew the State Surplus

At the September 28 debate Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe dismissed the 2021 $2.6 billion general fund revenue surplus as entirely due to extra federal COVID relief funds, which is absurd on its face. By definition, every dollar is General … Continue reading

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Richmond City May Cancel Gas Service For Its Citizens, Henrico and Chesterfield

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That the (Richmond) Council hereby commits to working with the City’s Administration on an equitable plan to phase out reliance on gas and shift to accelerated investment in City-owned renewable energy and hereby recognizes that the … Continue reading

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