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Stephen D. Haner is Senior Fellow for State and Local Tax Policy at the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy. He may be reached at

The Revolution Has Been Postponed, Not Cancelled

The revolution has merely been postponed, not cancelled. Governor Ralph Northam has asked the General Assembly to put off until May 1, 2021 the implementation of several key pro-union changes in Virginia’s labor and employment laws, including a 31 percent … Continue reading

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This is the Green New Deal Economy. Enjoy

If all else fails in achieving your green energy dreams, you can always hope for a depression. In Italy, the COVID-19 depression has already dropped electricity demand by about 18-21%, as reported recently by Utility Dive. The regional transmission organizations … Continue reading

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Sixteen Tax Hike Bills Approved by the General Assembly

What did this year’s General Assembly cost you in taxes? Here are at least 16 bills approved by the 2020 General Assembly which create or raise taxes on Virginians or authorize a local government to do so. No one told … Continue reading

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Attorney General Ramps Up To Hunt for Corporate Bias

One intrusive employment law change opposed by business groups was finally watered down in the late stages of the 2020 Virginia General Assembly, but others are passing and will be actively enforced by a phalanx of new state investigators and … Continue reading

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The Virginia Clean Energy Act: What It Does and What It Will Cost You

Responding to a perceived climate emergency, the new Democratic majority in the Virginia General Assembly is seeking to transform the Commonwealth into a wind and solar energy Wonderland. It is passing legislation to mandate construction of solar and wind, mandate … Continue reading

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