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Fuel Tax and Caps Detailed in TCI Model Rule, Now Open for Public Comment

Read the governing document for the Transportation and Climate Initiative and it becomes clear there is more going on than just an effort to reduce motor fuel use with a combination of taxes and shrinking caps. That may really be a secondary goal. Continue reading

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Virginia’s Progressive Assembly Turns to Tax Policy

The COVID-19 recession barely dented Virginia’s state budget. The massive spending growth adopted in the pre-COVID budget a year ago is largely back on track. Yet some legislators think the time is ripe to hunt for more revenue by re-writing … Continue reading

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Legislators Shift Green Energy Costs By Taxing All Other Customers, Employers

Lower income Virginians who are customers of the two largest electricity providers may begin to receive subsidies on their residential bills in March 2022 under legislation moving forward in the General Assembly.  The money for the Percentage of Income Payment … Continue reading

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Subsidies for Electric Cars, Buses and Charging Will Accompany TCI’s Taxes and Rationing

The ultimate goal of the Transportation and Climate Initiative with its tax and rationing scheme is to eliminate fossil fuels for transportation and get us into electric vehicles.  That is something advocates have admitted and critics have pointed out.  While Virginia TCI participation is on … Continue reading

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Senate Taxes PPP Less House Version “Wholly Inadequate”

Majorities in both chambers of the Virginia General Assembly agree with Governor Ralph Northam and have voted to tax the federal Payroll Protection Plan grants that saved Virginia jobs in the pandemic. They only remain at odds over how much to tax. … Continue reading

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