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A Promise to Reverse Northam’s Tax Hikes

Republican nominee for governor Glenn Youngkin is proposing to reduce Virginia taxes in much the same way Governor Ralph Northam has raised them:  Several individual proposals, some not all that large, which accumulate into a significant change. As Northam ends … Continue reading

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New Electricity Tax is Leading Edge of Rising Energy Costs

Next month, Dominion Energy Virginia customers will begin paying Virginia’s first direct carbon tax on their bills. The amount they pay to buy carbon dioxide allowances from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative will not be listed on the bill separately … Continue reading

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Ready to Spend $26,000 to Eliminate Your Gas Appliances?

Maybe not today or tomorrow, but soon the War on Fossil Fuels will be fought in the equipment room or garage of your house. A push to prohibit new natural gas connections and remove existing home gas services is inevitable … Continue reading

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Virginia Should Not Tax Income If Washington Doesn’t

In 1972, a Virginia taxpayer needed a taxable income of $12,000 before the state’s maximum income tax rate kicked in.  Adjusted for inflation, that threshold should be $78,000 today. There has been one adjustment since, to $17,000 in income before … Continue reading

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Time to Cut Taxes

If Virginia ended the fiscal year June 30 with a general fund cash surplus of $2 billion, almost 10 percent of its annual budget, that means taxes are too high. Period. The debate for the 2021 political season should be how to cut taxes, and how much. Continue reading

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