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Virginia Loves Data Centers More Than Chip Makers

Virginia’s Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission, in its latest analysis of Virginia’s economic development incentives, reports that efforts to capture and nurture microchip manufacturing with grants and tax breaks led to some early success that failed to hold, and … Continue reading

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Framing Net Neutrality Standards We Can Agree Upon

By now, you’ve probably heard about net neutrality, the principle that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) should not favor some online traffic and data over others. It shouldn’t really be a controversial matter because virtually everyone agrees on the basics, and … Continue reading

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Building on Virginia’s Data-Center Boom

Data centers are the hottest trend in Virginia economic development these days. But the state is only beginning to think through the implications.
Loudoun County, home to 75 facilities, has developed the largest cluster of data centers in the country (and perhaps the world), and next-door-neighbor Prince William County is rising fast. Continue reading

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Why We Can’t Live Without Autonomous Vehicles

What if an airliner, loaded with 400 passengers, fell from the sky, killing everyone aboard? What if it happened every year? Every week? Every day? What if it happened every three hours? You’d probably think twice before booking airfare for … Continue reading

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STEM-Related Jobs Outlook is Bright

Demand for workers with skills in higher paying science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, known as the STEM subjects, is expected to continue to outpace demand for non-STEM workers over the next decade, based on a new 10-year projection from the … Continue reading

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