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Northam Regs Out of Step With Reality

Despite the stunning and rapid success of the vaccines in arresting the spread of COVID-19, if you enter a Virginia workplace you go back in time to the pre-vaccine era of doubt and fear. Virginia acted in haste in adopting … Continue reading

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Employer Escape From Green Energy Costs Blocked

Virginia’s major energy-intensive industries will not get a requested path to avoid some of the coming cost shock from the 2020 Virginia Clean Economy Act (VCEA). The bill that sought them a lifeline was tied to an anvil and sunk in a … Continue reading

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Train Regulation Threatens to Derail Family Finances in Virginia

Until recently, the Commonwealth of Virginia was a refuge from the high tax and regulatory boondoggles that have stymied the growth of neighboring states such as Maryland, West Virginia, and North Carolina. But Virginia’s low-cost gravy train will screech to … Continue reading

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A Growing Economy Needs Regional Bank De-Regulation

Following the shock of the recent Great Recession, Congress took actions to “save us” from such future threats. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act were supposed to prevent another recession by imposing greater regulations on our banks. … Continue reading

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Framing Net Neutrality Standards We Can Agree Upon

By now, you’ve probably heard about net neutrality, the principle that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) should not favor some online traffic and data over others. It shouldn’t really be a controversial matter because virtually everyone agrees on the basics, and … Continue reading

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