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Carbon Taxes, Gasoline Rationing Remain Unpopular Policies

The Transportation and Climate Initiative plan to tax and ration motor fuels suffered a major setback just before Christmas, when eight of the eleven states considering it decided not to move forward in 2021. Less than two weeks earlier, advocates … Continue reading

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Five Steps to Guide Transportation Planning and Spending During the Pandemic

This analysis discusses a five-step approach to understanding and addressing the new challenges that preceded, and now are intensified by, the COVID-19 pandemic and economic events of this year. The way that we react to them will be crucial to … Continue reading

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New Data Shows Transit Is Changing

Transit agencies are in crisis mode. The Covid-19 pandemic and shelter-in-place orders across the country led to ridership declines of up to 95%. But even before this crisis, transit agencies were losing ridership. Recently, the Center for Urban Transportation Research … Continue reading

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Opening Up Interstate Weigh Stations and Rest Areas: A COVID-19 Side Effect

While everyone is focused on very large decreases in highway traffic, an overlooked element is the continued strength of truck traffic. Indeed, America’s truckers are among the unsung heroes of the pandemic, keeping goods flowing to the supermarkets, home-supply stores, … Continue reading

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Mass Transit After COVID-19

COVID-19 has caused most transit agencies to enter crisis mode. Ridership, understandably, has declined between 50 and 95 percent in most major cities during the shutdown. Transit agencies are also spending more resources sanitizing buses and trains. And to protect … Continue reading

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