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Chris Braunlich is president of the Thomas Jefferson Institute and a former president of the State Board of Education.The opinions expressed are his and do not necessarily represent the views of the Institute or its Board of Directors. He can be reached at

A Win-Win for Virginia

Candidates love to be on the side of the gods – and supporting reduced pollution and greater economic growth is a “win-win.”  After all, if Virginia can use new technologies to reduce not only greenhouse gases but also what we … Continue reading

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Richmond to Parents: “You’re on Your Own”

A week after party-line votes killed Republican initiatives to assist parents of school-aged children financially with federal COVID-19 dollars, Governor Ralph Northam proposed sending another $223 million of those dollars to public schools, adding to millions already sent. There is … Continue reading

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Stop the Problem Before It Begins

With the General Assembly taking up policing reform in this summer’s special session, there should be at least one bill stopping a problem before it begins. Most big problems are created by a small number of people.  The same is … Continue reading

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Wartime Governor

If Donald Trump is a “wartime president”, Ralph Northam is now a “wartime governor.” Unless one has been isolated on a Pacific isle (or wears tinfoil hats to block evil radio waves), Virginians understand that the pandemic we are in … Continue reading

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Collective Bargaining in the Schools: Prescription for Problems

Joseph Ocol is the kind of teacher most parents would fight to have teach their daughter. His Englewood, Chicago girls’ chess team won the national championship in 2016 against 60 other schools, an achievement noted in the Congressional Record, by … Continue reading

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