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How the Unpaid Utility Bills Will Instead Come to You

Thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of Virginia households have fallen behind on their electricity, natural gas, and water service bills in the COVID-19 recession, with no fear (yet) of being disconnected. The moratorium on disconnections is now scheduled to end … Continue reading

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How Discount Power For Poor Will Raise Your Bill

Virginia’s two major electric utilities estimate that as many as 150,000 of their poorest residential customers will see their monthly bills reduced next year using money extracted from all their other customers on their own power bills. Appalachian Power Company … Continue reading

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The Great Virginia Pipeline Swindle

If by 2040, the Old Dominion has completed its transition into a federal annex fringed by Berkshire-owned feudatories and horse farms, July 5, 2020 will go down in history as the moment the power balance shifted decisively toward the new … Continue reading

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Dominion Energy Gets a “Blank Check” from the Virginia Clean Economy Act

Gov. Ralph Northam and Dominion Energy combined their powers during the 2020 General Assembly to push to passage the Virginia Clean Economy Act (VCEA). Advanced by House Bill 1526 (carried by Del. Rip Sullivan, D-Fairfax) and Senate Bill 851 (patroned … Continue reading

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Virginia’s ‘Clean Economy Act’ Will Have Dirty Results

Largely with party-line, urban-vs-rural votes, Virginia’s legislature is poised to enact a Clean Economy Act that would eliminate coal-based electricity generation, prevent construction of new gas-fired power plants – and replace reliable, affordable fossil energy with wind, solar and battery-backup … Continue reading

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