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The Most Progressive Budget in Virginia’s History

In the introduction to his budget statement released yesterday, Governor Ralph Northam described his proposed 2020-22 budget as “the most progressive in Virginia’s history. If by “progressive” he means “leftist,” with a strong propensity for taxing, spending and wealth redistribution, … Continue reading

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When is a Clean Water Act Permit Needed?

The issue of whether a Clean Water Act permit is needed when a pollutant originates from a point source and reaches a navigable water of the United States by virtue of groundwater, a non-point source, was argued Nov. 6, 2019, … Continue reading

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Should U.S. Consider Modern Monetary Theory to Improve Economy?

The U.S. budget deficit reached $984 billion in 2019. That’s 4.6% of gross domestic product. Such a large deficit should cause interest rates to rise, according to traditional economic theory, because government debt “crowds out” private sector debt. Since there … Continue reading

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Biden’s Disappointing Infrastructure Plan

With the 2020 presidential campaign ramping up, many of the Democratic candidates have released policy positions for primary voters. Transportation, which is not considered sexy, has received little attention thus far. One exception is former Vice President Joe Biden, who … Continue reading

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“Conformity” Tax Reform Debate Should Return for 2020 Session

Virginia taxpayers will save almost $600 million over two years as a result of the increase in the state standard deduction, a step proposed last year by the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy. That is a fresh estimate released … Continue reading

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