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Supreme Court to Review California Standards Imposed on Virginia

How agriculture produces meat in our society, and whether California gets to set the standards for everyone else, is in the balance. Continue reading

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Smithfield’s court loss may spell trouble for large-scale livestock farmers

Murphy-Brown, a subsidiary of Smithfield Foods, lost a major case on November 19, 2020. With Thanksgiving activities and election allegations, little attention was paid to this loss other than a few environmental groups and farm publications (full case summary here). … Continue reading

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That $900 Billion Stimulus Package includes Pork – lots of it!

Congress has passed, and the President has signed, the $900 billion stimulus package. There’s a lot of pork in the bill, and it includes USDA. What is your tax dollar going to support? About $10 million will be made available … Continue reading

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Feds’ Jargon-filled Memo Won’t Help Farmers Manage Wetlands

Back in July USDA Under Secretary Bill Northey, Assistant Secretary of the Army R. D. James, and EPA Assistant Administrator for water David Ross signed an essentially meaningless memorandum on how to determine issues related to the implementation of Section … Continue reading

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Little for Farmers in Dem Party Platform

The Democratic party released its draft platform for 2020 this month with 10 sections, and not one is on agriculture! The platform has sections on “Building a Stronger, Fairer Economy”; “Achieving Universal Affordable Quality Healthcare”; “Combatting the Climate Crisis and … Continue reading

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