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The Statues are Coming Down. Now What?

Throughout history military commanders have faced a classical dilemma: When confronted with overwhelming odds, do they stand fast and hope for a miracle to deliver victory, while risking total annihilation as a fighting force? Or do they conduct an orderly … Continue reading

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Together We Rise, Divided We Fall

It’s been a tough week in America. It’s hard to explain what’s been going through my mind as I am a problem solver but it’s apparent that at this point, in order for us in America to truly move forward, … Continue reading

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Repeal The Jones Act

By any measure, the Jones Act has been a failure.” This conclusion comes from the Cato Institute study of the Jones Act. It claims, “Under its watch [Jones Act] the U.S. shipbuilding has atrophied, the [U.S.] shipping fleet has withered, … Continue reading

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Health Care Choices Proposal: A New Generation of Health Reform

The plan, called the Health Care Choices Proposal, takes a federalist approach in moving power and control of the health sector away from Washington, through the states, and ultimately to consumers. The recommendations were developed by the Health Policy Consensus … Continue reading

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Who Needs Congress Anyway?

What if I were to suggest turning all of New York into a national monument? OK, maybe we would exclude the gigantic city, but the rest of that beautiful State could be our newest national monument. You might instinctively see … Continue reading

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