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New Data Shows Transit Is Changing

Transit agencies are in crisis mode. The Covid-19 pandemic and shelter-in-place orders across the country led to ridership declines of up to 95%. But even before this crisis, transit agencies were losing ridership. Recently, the Center for Urban Transportation Research … Continue reading

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COVID Declared a Workplace Emergency in Virginia: Will New Regulations Drive Business Out of Business?

The Northam Administration’s Safety and Health Codes Board agreed June 24 that COVID-19 in the state’s workplaces demands an emergency state response, but the nature and exact wording of that response remains undecided.  If adopted, formal regulations come with the potential for … Continue reading

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Stop the Problem Before It Begins

With the General Assembly taking up policing reform in this summer’s special session, there should be at least one bill stopping a problem before it begins. Most big problems are created by a small number of people.  The same is … Continue reading

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How the Green New Deal Destroys the Environment

The US Supreme Court recently ruled 7-2 to reverse a lower court ruling invalidating a permit for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, which will bring West Virginia natural gas to Virginia and North Carolina, for home heating, factory power, electricity generation and … Continue reading

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Some Summer Jobs Might Be Hard to Find

High school and college students are probably struggling to find summer jobs in this era of COVID-19. Ads for some of the typical summer jobs for students have plummeted compared to a year ago, in large part, because of social … Continue reading

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