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Outcome Disputes May Help Kill Electoral College

The battle is now rejoined to kill the Electoral College and elect a U.S. President in 2024 based purely on the national vote total. The stubborn refusal of President Donald J. Trump and many other Republicans to accept the November … Continue reading

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Virginia’s New Political Landscape

So, where do yesterday’s elections leave us? We don’t know who won the presidential election, and we probably won’t know for days, if not weeks. Still, we can draw some meaningful conclusions. Virginia remains a solid blue state. The Democrats’ political … Continue reading

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And the Beat Goes on…

My first post election observations are consistent with my pre-election ones.  America is a deeply divided country led by a deeply divided dominant generation that is ending its political reign and that the 2024 election will be far more important … Continue reading

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Wartime Governor

If Donald Trump is a “wartime president”, Ralph Northam is now a “wartime governor.” Unless one has been isolated on a Pacific isle (or wears tinfoil hats to block evil radio waves), Virginians understand that the pandemic we are in … Continue reading

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Virginia’s Vengeful Politicians

Terry McAuliffe is a terrific politician. If you’ve met the former Virginia governor you know what I mean. He’s smooth. He oozes charm. Like many skilled politicians, underneath that affable exterior lurks a ruthless operator with an elephantine memory. Just … Continue reading

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