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Richard Florida’s Case for Devolution

For several decades, some policy analysts on the center/right have advocated a more-robust 21st century version of federalism, under which there would be something of a return to the founding fathers’ vision in which the federal government focused on a … Continue reading

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How to Build Strong, Resilient Cities and Towns

Cities and counties across the United States are experiencing chronic fiscal stress, and the reason has nothing to do with Republicans or Democrats and everything to do with what Chuck Marohn calls the “growth Ponzi scheme.” “Why are cities going … Continue reading

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Local, State Government Assets Cause Budgetary Pains

For a moment, let’s accept President Obama’s recent statement on its face value: “the private sector is doing fine. Where we’re seeing weaknesses in our economy have to do with state and local government, oftentimes cuts initiated by, you know, … Continue reading

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Local Zoning Issues Belong in the Hands of our Elected Officials, Not the Courts

It is unfortunate that a local issue of serious importance to our area rests in the hands of the Prince William County Circuit Court, and not with our locally elected officials as it should. Right now the Court has hijacked … Continue reading

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Prince William’s Discretionary Funds Should End Immediately

“Open government” and “transparent government” are the current code words for “good government.” Prince William County’s Board of Supervisors, however, seem to lack a basic understanding that in today’s world taxpayers’ money should be budgeted and not available as a … Continue reading

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