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Will General Assembly Decide on Carbon Car Tax?

Thanks to the persistence of Delegate Charles Poindexter, two members of Governor Ralph Northam’s cabinet are now on record stating the General Assembly will decide whether Virginia joins the carbon tax regime called the Transportation and Climate Initiative.  In 2018 both … Continue reading

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A New WOTUS Regulation Coming

Earlier this month, EPA’s Administrator and the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works announced their agencies were repealing the Obama Administration’s 2015 promulgated rule – the one that a number of agriculture associations had accused the Obama Administration … Continue reading

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Sense and Nonsense on Climate Armageddon

A good sense discussion on the Most Important Threat in Human History was provided July 14 in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, in a guest column from a retired University of Richmond biology professor. Few discussions of the climate change controversy have … Continue reading

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Why Farm Bureau Likes EPA’s Revised Water Policies

The American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) submitted WOTUS comments to the U.S. EPA on April 15, 2019. The 25-page document is worth reading.  The AFBF comments are on a subject dear to the hearts of all who own land in the United … Continue reading

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Is the Goal Cutting CO2 or Imposing a Tax?

While it would have been a popular step with his political base, and one he was expected to take, Governor Ralph Northam may have been smart to pass on seeking to veto state budget language preventing Virginia membership in the … Continue reading

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