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Can We Talk Common Sense Yet?

We are now a little over 4 months into dealing with covid-19 in Virginia and it’s time to take stock of where we are. Let me start by saying that, while I did not like the shutdown of businesses, I … Continue reading

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New Rules for Employers: There Is No Escape

The first thing every employer in Virginia needs to understand about the state’s new COVID-19 temporary workplace standard (here) is it is universal.  It applies to every workplace, public and private, for-profit and non-profit, with 10,000 workers or two.  The … Continue reading

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Something for Everyone in COVID Money Flood

Will $50 million be enough? Will that get all the Virginians who have fallen behind due to COVID-19 square on their rent or mortgage payments?  Or is that amount, in a new relief program detailed Monday by the Northam Administration, merely a … Continue reading

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Working at Home and Implications for the Future Economy

Working from home was already becoming more common, but the COVID-19 crisis forced many employers to quickly alter policies to enable more workers to perform their jobs from home. This forced experimentation with remote work is causing some employers to … Continue reading

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Full U.S. Recovery Could Take Two Years

As the coronavirus continues to play havoc with the economy, many analysts are starting to think through how the recovery will occur. Which industries will rebound first? Will the recovery resemble a V-shape? How long will it take to reach … Continue reading

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