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Economic and Job Recovery? Not the Special Session’s Focus

With the Virginia General Assembly’s “Cops and COVID” special session moving into its third week, it seems likely to impede rather than assist the state’s economic recovery from the pandemic. It may also greatly expand COVID-19’s financial burdens in the … Continue reading

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BE HEARD Act would harm small business and Virginia’s business climate

Small businesses in Virginia could face a very different business climate next year, due to Joe Biden’s support for laws like the BE HEARD Act. Under the BE HEARD Act, even the tiniest employers with only one or two employees … Continue reading

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Job Recovery Will Be Slow

Employment figures for regions and localities across Virginia for June came out last week, showing that the economy is trying to dig its way out of a deep hole. But it is going to be a slow recovery as long … Continue reading

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Can We Talk Common Sense Yet?

We are now a little over 4 months into dealing with covid-19 in Virginia and it’s time to take stock of where we are. Let me start by saying that, while I did not like the shutdown of businesses, I … Continue reading

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New Rules for Employers: There Is No Escape

The first thing every employer in Virginia needs to understand about the state’s new COVID-19 temporary workplace standard (here) is it is universal.  It applies to every workplace, public and private, for-profit and non-profit, with 10,000 workers or two.  The … Continue reading

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