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House Would Return Surpluses, Senate Ready to Spend More

Virginia government is flooded with cash, tax revenues far in excess of what is needed to maintain its current level of services and a fair reserve.  Key votes have now been taken and the House of Delegates is poised to … Continue reading

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Time To Reform Virginia’s Energy Policies

Dominion Energy Virginia’s November announcement that its proposed offshore wind project has jumped almost 25% in cost to $10 billion, with years to go before construction even starts, has put Virginia’s energy policy and its response to claims of climate … Continue reading

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How California Now Controls Virginia Auto Market

Virginia’s automotive sales market is now officially controlled in Sacramento, with the likelihood that no new internal combustion engines can be sold in the Commonwealth after 2035. The Virginia Air Pollution Control Board, acting not with discretion but on orders … Continue reading

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Youngkin to Withdraw from RGGI, End Carbon Tax

Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin told a business group audience Wednesday afternoon that he intends to withdraw Virginia from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. His decision came two days after Dominion Energy Virginia filed a petition to increase the RGGI tax on its … Continue reading

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As Cost Kills TCI in Connecticut, Virginia Dems Dig In To Defend Virginia Green New Deal Laws

The Governor of Connecticut has abandoned his efforts to enroll that state in the Transportation and Climate Initiative, an interstate compact which would impose a cap, tax and ration scheme on gasoline and diesel fuel. Virginia remains a part of … Continue reading

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