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Digging Beyond the #1 Ranking

Virginia ranks #1 in the  “Top States for Business 2021” ranking produced by the business network CNBC, but it is important to dig into the ten measurement categories. Continue reading

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Yes, Virginia, Media Bias is Real

There are far more liberal/Democratic journalists than conservative/Republican journalists, but political bias has little influence over how they report the news, finds a new study on media bias, “There is No Liberal Media Bias in the News Political Journalists Choose … Continue reading

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Today’s Journalism – We Deserve Better

Everyone in high school is taught about the low water mark in yellow journalism — Remember the Maine. We are taught that the era of “yellow journalism” died with the rise of editorial standards in the 1930s and 1940s in … Continue reading

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Internet Privacy – Careful How we Ask for It

In another life, I founded and built a direct marketing company.  We contacted folks using names acquired from “list companies” that offered to rent to us the names of those people with similar backgrounds.   These lists were developed by companies … Continue reading

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Keep the Redskins’ Name

I was once told that the only bad thing about being a good sport is that you have to lose to prove it. So it is with democracy; you have to have the freedom to disagree to prove that it … Continue reading

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