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James A. Bacon is the author of “Boomergeddon” and publishes the Bacon’s Rebellion blog at www. He can be reached at

The Statues are Coming Down. Now What?

Throughout history military commanders have faced a classical dilemma: When confronted with overwhelming odds, do they stand fast and hope for a miracle to deliver victory, while risking total annihilation as a fighting force? Or do they conduct an orderly … Continue reading

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Wise King Ralph Rules: Less Choice for the Self-Employed

According to Governor Ralph Northam, the way to ensure access to quality, affordable medical insurance for Virginians is to reject bills that would… expand access to health insurance for Virginians. Last week Northam vetoed two bills passed with broad bipartisan … Continue reading

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Yes, Virginia, Media Bias is Real

There are far more liberal/Democratic journalists than conservative/Republican journalists, but political bias has little influence over how they report the news, finds a new study on media bias, “There is No Liberal Media Bias in the News Political Journalists Choose … Continue reading

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Right To Work Repeal Would Cost “Thousands” of Jobs, Say VEDP

Editor’s Note:  A bill to repeal Virginia’s right-to-work law is currently working its way through the Virginia House of Delegates.  More dangerously, a bill to require “Agency Shop Fees” will be considered Sunday in the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee, and … Continue reading

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