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James A. Bacon is the author of “Boomergeddon” and publishes the Bacon’s Rebellion blog at www. He can be reached at [email protected]

Free Speech Guaranteed — Except When You Disagree with Us

The Loudoun County School Board expects public school employees to conduct themselves in a professional manner. A draft policy for professional conduct contains all the usual things one would expect. Teachers and other employees should treat students and peers with … Continue reading

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Uh Oh … Another Bad Year for VRS Investments

The Virginia Retirement System earned 1.4% on its $82 billion investment portfolio in fiscal year 2020, far below the long-term average of 6.75% the VRS Board of Trustees assumes that it will earn over the next 30 years, reports the … Continue reading

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A College Student’s Bill of Rights

College students should be reimbursed if they don’t receive the full benefits they pay for in tuition, fees, room, and board, declares the Partners for College Affordability and Public Trust. “COVID-19 has illuminated the long over-due need for basic consumer … Continue reading

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The Gory Details of Levar Stoney’s Statue Contract

When Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney needed help taking down the city’s Confederate statues, he turned to Devon Henry, a prominent local construction contractor who had donated $4,000 to his 2016 mayoral campaign and political action committee. No local crane & … Continue reading

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The Statues are Coming Down. Now What?

Throughout history military commanders have faced a classical dilemma: When confronted with overwhelming odds, do they stand fast and hope for a miracle to deliver victory, while risking total annihilation as a fighting force? Or do they conduct an orderly … Continue reading

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