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Free Speech Guaranteed — Except When You Disagree with Us

The Loudoun County School Board expects public school employees to conduct themselves in a professional manner. A draft policy for professional conduct contains all the usual things one would expect. Teachers and other employees should treat students and peers with … Continue reading

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Unfair Double Standards Rule

“How is this fair?” Shannon Jones wants to know. How is it that her grandfather’s funeral was forced – by order of the governor – to be almost a non-event while demonstrators and protestors violate Virginia’s 10-person crowd-size rules with … Continue reading

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Attorney General Ramps Up To Hunt for Corporate Bias

One intrusive employment law change opposed by business groups was finally watered down in the late stages of the 2020 Virginia General Assembly, but others are passing and will be actively enforced by a phalanx of new state investigators and … Continue reading

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Criminal Reform Makes Sense

(Editor’s note:  Criminal Justice Reform is an important issue which crosses the red and blue political lines and brings significant parts of the conservative and liberal communities together for the good of our society. The First Step Act highlighted by … Continue reading

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I Love Mankind, It's Just People I Can't Stand

On Sept. 9, 12-year-old Bethany Harper and her nine-year-old friend Solai Coleman were sitting on the front porch of their house on Fifth Avenue in Richmond. Bethany heard the crackling pop of gunfire, and a random bullet struck Solai in … Continue reading

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