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Together We Rise, Divided We Fall

It’s been a tough week in America. It’s hard to explain what’s been going through my mind as I am a problem solver but it’s apparent that at this point, in order for us in America to truly move forward, … Continue reading

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Northam Wrong On Domestic Violence Bill Veto

On a typical day, there are more than 20,000 phone calls placed to domestic violence hotlines across the country according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. That is 20,000 families suffering from violence at the hands of an abuser. … Continue reading

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Criminal Reform Makes Sense

(Editor’s note:  Criminal Justice Reform is an important issue which crosses the red and blue political lines and brings significant parts of the conservative and liberal communities together for the good of our society. The First Step Act highlighted by … Continue reading

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Murders, Arrests and the Politics of Racial Grievance

The Washington Post had what could have been an interesting idea: Map more than 52,000 homicides and arrests in major American cities over the past decade. Sadly, the newspaper floundered with the data, unable to identify any meaningful trends other … Continue reading

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Getting Right on Crime

From Richard Nixon to Donald Trump, conservatives have long known how to be “tough on crime.”
But there is an increasing movement by conservatives to be “Right on Crime” — to insist on transparency in the criminal justice system with the goal of protecting the public, lowering crime rates, and conserving taxpayers’ money.
The movement started in 2007 in Texas, when legislators found themselves with a choice between spending more than $3 billion for 17,000 new prison beds or reforming their system by shifting spending for residential and non-residential treatment-oriented programs for non-violent offenders, along with enhancing in-prison treatment programs.
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