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Free Speech Guaranteed — Except When You Disagree with Us

The Loudoun County School Board expects public school employees to conduct themselves in a professional manner. A draft policy for professional conduct contains all the usual things one would expect. Teachers and other employees should treat students and peers with … Continue reading

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A College Student’s Bill of Rights

College students should be reimbursed if they don’t receive the full benefits they pay for in tuition, fees, room, and board, declares the Partners for College Affordability and Public Trust. “COVID-19 has illuminated the long over-due need for basic consumer … Continue reading

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Time to Take the Lead on Education Reform

To say our country is experiencing difficult times is an understatement: COVID 19, protests, riots, death, and destruction. Are we in trying times or what? However, with any disruption to a routine, there’s opportunity. I believe this is an opportunity … Continue reading

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Arlington Schools Shut Down New Learning

The schools in Arlington County are refusing to teach children anything new out of a concern for “equity.” Although the schools are physically closed due to coronavirus, students have been doing their assignments from home using school-issued electronic devices. Now … Continue reading

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Coronavirus: Forced Change for Education

All news is focused around the coronavirus pandemic in America and around the world. It is good to be informed, but all day – every day is a bit much for me. My husband and I begin our day with … Continue reading

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