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Time to Take the Lead on Education Reform

To say our country is experiencing difficult times is an understatement: COVID 19, protests, riots, death, and destruction. Are we in trying times or what? However, with any disruption to a routine, there’s opportunity. I believe this is an opportunity … Continue reading

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Arlington Schools Shut Down New Learning

The schools in Arlington County are refusing to teach children anything new out of a concern for “equity.” Although the schools are physically closed due to coronavirus, students have been doing their assignments from home using school-issued electronic devices. Now … Continue reading

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Coronavirus: Forced Change for Education

All news is focused around the coronavirus pandemic in America and around the world. It is good to be informed, but all day – every day is a bit much for me. My husband and I begin our day with … Continue reading

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Collective Bargaining in the Schools: Prescription for Problems

Joseph Ocol is the kind of teacher most parents would fight to have teach their daughter. His Englewood, Chicago girls’ chess team won the national championship in 2016 against 60 other schools, an achievement noted in the Congressional Record, by … Continue reading

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Virginia Education Association Wants Collective Bargaining for Teachers — but Talks With Its Own Employees Led to Lawsuits, Sanctions

Last November, Democrats won majorities in both houses of the Virginia legislature. With Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam in place, the party gained full control of the state government. Public-sector unions are wasting no time to try to get friendly legislation … Continue reading

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