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Carbon Taxes Move to the Gas Pump

Imagine this: A regime of rising carbon taxes and tightening emission allowances extending from Virginia’s Cumberland Gap to the Canadian maritime coastline. It covers coal, natural gas, gasoline, diesel fuel, fuel oil, compressed natural gas, wood and biomass fuel, in … Continue reading

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Voters Should Say “No” to New Carbon Tax

Virginia should not join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.  Virginia’s participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) carbon tax is now fully authorized under a new state regulation, and the deadline to appeal that regulation has passed with no … Continue reading

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Is Winter Coming for Virginia Pipeline Projects?

The building season is here, but for developers of Virginia’s two hotly-contested natural gas pipelines, activity is back in the government agencies and courthouses. The construction sites remain largely silent, delays running up the ultimate cost of the projects, including … Continue reading

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Solar Tax Exemption Adds Energy to Local Opposition

If the East Coast’s largest solar generation facility is rejected by the Spotsylvania Board of Supervisors, one of the reasons will be the major tax advantages sought by that industry and granted by the General Assembly. The supervisors held a … Continue reading

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Carbon Tax on Track for Approval

Once again, both parties at the Virginia General Assembly has pushed forward doomed legislation on a proposed carbon cap and tax regime the state will soon impose on Virginia’s fossil fuel electric power plants, with the stalemate leaving Governor Ralph … Continue reading

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