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Christine Chmura is president and chief economist at Chmura Economics & Analytics. She can be reached at

Holiday Spending Could Be a Bumpy Economic Sleigh Ride

The official kickoff to the holiday selling season starts next month, but Christmas trees have already started showing up at retail stores. It is an important time of year for retailers as holiday sales represent about 20% of the retail … Continue reading

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Job Recovery Will Be Slow

Employment figures for regions and localities across Virginia for June came out last week, showing that the economy is trying to dig its way out of a deep hole. But it is going to be a slow recovery as long … Continue reading

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Working at Home and Implications for the Future Economy

Working from home was already becoming more common, but the COVID-19 crisis forced many employers to quickly alter policies to enable more workers to perform their jobs from home. This forced experimentation with remote work is causing some employers to … Continue reading

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Some Summer Jobs Might Be Hard to Find

High school and college students are probably struggling to find summer jobs in this era of COVID-19. Ads for some of the typical summer jobs for students have plummeted compared to a year ago, in large part, because of social … Continue reading

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Full U.S. Recovery Could Take Two Years

As the coronavirus continues to play havoc with the economy, many analysts are starting to think through how the recovery will occur. Which industries will rebound first? Will the recovery resemble a V-shape? How long will it take to reach … Continue reading

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