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Hans Bader, a former Competitive Enterprise Institute scholar, is an attorney living in Northern Virginia.

Don’t Let the Left “Steal” the General Assembly

Would you like to keep Virginia from drawing legislative districts skewed in favor of the Democrats — that is, prevent liberal gerrymandering? One way to fight such gerrymandering is to apply to be a citizen member of the Virginia Redistricting … Continue reading

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BE HEARD Act would harm small business and Virginia’s business climate

Small businesses in Virginia could face a very different business climate next year, due to Joe Biden’s support for laws like the BE HEARD Act. Under the BE HEARD Act, even the tiniest employers with only one or two employees … Continue reading

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Arlington Schools Shut Down New Learning

The schools in Arlington County are refusing to teach children anything new out of a concern for “equity.” Although the schools are physically closed due to coronavirus, students have been doing their assignments from home using school-issued electronic devices. Now … Continue reading

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Wear a Mask

You should wear a mask when you leave the house. In East Asia and the Czech Republic, huge numbers of people now wear masks, and that has greatly reduced the spread of coronavirus. Mask-wearing is a key reason why the … Continue reading

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“Attorneys’ Full Employment Act” Moves Through General Assembly

The progressive Left calls it the “Virginia Values Act.” But it would more appropriately be called the “Attorneys’ Full Employment Act.” SB868 has been approved by key committees of the Virginia legislature, aided by blatantly inaccurate claims. It will revolutionize Virginia discrimination … Continue reading

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